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NameObit Date Collection Type
Walker, Rufus L. 'R L' 2/24/1999Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walker, Rufus L. 'R L' 3/13/1999Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walker, Rufus L. 'Rl ' 3/3/1999YCRTEXT
Walker, Rufus L. 'Rl' 2/24/1999YCRTEXT
Walker, Rufus Leonard 10/9/1975Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walker, Seth M. 6/13/1990Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walker, Sibyl Davenport 1/20/1993Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walker, Syble L. (Miller) 01/23/2017YCRTEXT
Walker, Theron Wesley 11/16/2014YCRTEXT
Walker, Thomas 7/29/1987Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walker, Tom C. 4/29/2009YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Walker, Tom C. 4/29/2009YCRTEXT
Walker, Ury 4/12/1995Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walker, Verna Isabell (Hodges) 05/27/1962YCRTEXT
Walker, Vird Raymond 12/5/1941YCRTEXT
Walker, Wesley 2/5/1950Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walker, Wilmateen (Pickens) McMullen 12/23/2011YCRTEXT
Walkup, Anna (McBride) 11/24/2013PatronTEXT
Walkup, Anna (McBride) 11/24/2013YCRTEXT
Walkup, Anna (McBride) 11/24/2013YCRTEXT
Walkup, Burt 7/24/1996Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walkup, Elton 2/26/1997YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Walkup, Huey Burt 8/19/1954YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Walkup, James 'Elton' 2/26/1997Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walkup, James 'Elton' 2/26/1997YCRTEXT
Walkup, Mary Louise Pledger 9/25/1996Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walkup, Rance 6/7/1973Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walkup, Robert Montgomery 07/2/1964YCRTEXT
Wall, Eulurle 'Lurle' Ricker 11/25/2009YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wall, Eulurle Ricker 11/25/2009YCRTEXT
Wall, Jaunita Rose 2/4/1998YCRTEXT
Wall, Jaunita Rose Snow 2/4/1998Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wall, Juanita (Snow) 2/4/1998YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wallace, Arlie 11/4/1960YCRTEXT
Wallace, Bobby 6/8/2005YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wallace, Bobby 6/8/2005Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Bobby 6/8/2005YCRTEXT
Wallace, Charles Thomas 03/25/1964YCRTEXT
Wallace, Clarence 'Joe' 12/15/1955YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Wallace, Fred Walter 10/2/1975Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Glendion 12/26/2001YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wallace, Glendion Lemion 12/26/2001Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Glendion Lemion 12/26/2001YCRTEXT
Wallace, Grover A. 9/30/1987Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Irene 1985Patron's ObitsTEXT
Wallace, Jimmie 3/24/1949YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Wallace, Jimmie 4/14/2004YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wallace, Jimmie 4/14/2004Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Jimmie 4/14/2004YCRTEXT
Wallace, John Anna 11/28/1960YCRTEXT
Wallace, John Brown 10/28/1981Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Lacoy Pete 02/11/2011YCRTEXT
Wallace, Loomis 5/4/1977Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Martha George 7/26/1973Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Martha George 7/26/1973Danville LibTEXT
Wallace, Mary Susie (Steward) (Mrs.) 09/--/1965YCRTEXT
Wallace, Mary Susie (Steward) (Mrs.) 09/--/1965YCRTEXT
Wallace, Mildred Hill 1/16/?Patron's ObitsTEXT
Wallace, Mildred Hill 1/20/1943Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Mr. JohnFranklin 07/14/1941YCRTEXT
Wallace, Myrtle 2/11/2004YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wallace, Myrtle Janette 2/11/2004Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Myrtle Janette 2/11/2004YCRTEXT
Wallace, Nettie 3/11/1998YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wallace, Nettie Vaughn 3/11/1998Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Nettie Vaughn 3/11/1998YCRTEXT
Wallace, Rosie Huffman 2/20/1958Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Rosie Huffman 2/20/1958YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Wallace, Roy Lee 8/5/2009YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wallace, Roy Lee 8/5/2009YCRTEXT
Wallace, Seth 7/13/1983Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Thomas Jackson 2/11/1981Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Vera 3/19/1914Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Voyza Austin 2/2/1988Patron's ObitsTEXT
Wallace, Voyza Smith Austin 2/10/1988Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallace, Willie 'Bill' 1986Patron's ObitsTEXT
Wallace, Willie R. 'Bill' 7/16/1986Danville LibraryIMAGE
Waller, Eugene 06/28/1963YCRTEXT
Waller, Eugene 06/28/1963YCRTEXT
Waller, Gerald 'Jerry' 1986Patron's ObitsTEXT
Waller, Glenn 7/28/1982Danville LibraryIMAGE
Waller, Noble 06/28/1963YCRTEXT
Waller, Noble 06/28/1963YCRTEXT
Waller, William M. 6/28/1951Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallis, Ernest 4/29/1998YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wallis, Ernest 'Ernie' W. 4/29/1998YCRTEXT
Wallis, Ernest W. 'Ernie' 4/29/1998Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallis, Issac William 2/21/1996Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallis, Lester Vernon 5/4/1983Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallis, Lucille 11/19/2003YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Wallis, Lucille 11/19/2003YCRTEXT
Wallis, Lucille Smith 11/19/2003Danville LibraryIMAGE
Wallis, Maude Lee 9/25/1955Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walls, Charlotte Ellen West 8/14/1952Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walls, Charlotte Ellen West 8/14/1952Danville LibTEXT
Walls, Dannia Allene (Damon) 12/25/2011YCRTEXT
Walls, Harry 7/18/2001YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Walls, Harry J. 7/18/2001Danville LibraryIMAGE
Walls, Harry J. 7/18/2001YCRTEXT
Walls, Noah 4/7/2010YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE

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