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NameObit Date Collection Type
McLain, Gary 8/2/2000YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
McLain, Gary Dale 8/2/2000Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mclain, Gary Dale 8/2/2000YCRTEXT
McLaughlin, Kyle David 'K-Mac' 08/24/2014YCRTEXT
McLeron, David John 06/25/2017YCRTEXT
Mclnterf, John L. 9/15/1949YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Mclntrye, Danny Lynn 12/7/2005YCRTEXT
McManus, Gene 1/8/2003YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
McManus, Gene Huffman 1/8/2003Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mcmanus, Gene Huffman (Mrs.) 1/8/2003YCRTEXT
McMillan, Fannie (Rice) (Mrs.) 12/24/1965YCRTEXT
Mcmillan, Fred C. 11/28/1980Patron's ObitsTEXT
McMillan, Geneva M. (Jones) 11/22/2015YCRTEXT
McMillan, Geneva M. (Jones) 11/22/2015YCRTEXT
McMillan, John T. 12/30/1992Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMillan, Monica I. Rooney 9/11/1996Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMinn, Allie A. Apple 5/5/1993Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMinn, John J. --/--/1875PatronTEXT
McMinn, Samuel 12/12/1957Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMinn, Suvelor (Mrs.) 9/9/1948Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMinn, Vernice 12/31/2003YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Mcminn, Vernice 12/31/2003YCRTEXT
McMinn, Vernice Cannon 12/31/2003Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMullen Mrs. R. D. 8/17/1911Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMullen, Bessie Irene 3/30/1983Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMullen, Ella Carter 7/1/1971Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMullen, Ersie Jan 7/18/1979Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMullen, Fay Hemstead 6/27/1984Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMullen, Joe Carl 9/19/1968Danville LibraryIMAGE
McMullen, Joseph Johnson 11/1/1956Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mcmullen, Joseph Johnson 11/8/1956YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
McMullen, R. D. 7/4/1940Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNabb, Cleo 1/29/1997YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
McNabb, Cleo Cole Hooten 1/29/1997Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mcnabb, Cleo Hooten 1/29/1997YCRTEXT
Mcneal, Don Carlos 11/10/2004YCRTEXT
McNeal, Don Carlos Jr. 11/10/2004Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNeal, Don, Jr. 11/10/2004YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
McNeal, Dorothy Carter 6/8/1977Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNeal, Jake (or) Jack 05/Apr or/1940YCRTEXT
McNeal, James 8/22/2001YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
McNeal, James Thomas 8/22/2001Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mcneal, James Thomas 8/22/2001YCRTEXT
McNeal, Joyce Cowger 4/20/1977Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNeal, Norma Lee King 6/8/1977Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNeal, Pauline Marie Moritz 1/23/1991Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNeal, Roy 8/21/1969Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNeeley, Helen (Clock) 4/15/1998YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
McNeeley, Helen Clock 4/15/1998Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mcneely, Helen 4/15/1998YCRTEXT
Mcneely, Herbert R. 5/13/1948YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
McNeese, Carl 9/13/2000YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Mcneese, Carl Michael 9/13/2000YCRTEXT
Mcneese, Carl Michael (III) 10/19/2005YCRTEXT
McNeese, Carl Michael III 10/19/2005Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNeese, Carl Michael Sr. 9/13/2000Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNeese, Carl, III 10/19/2005YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
McNeese, Jerry 1/4/2006YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
McNeese, Jerry L. 'Jerl' 1/4/2006Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mcneese, Jerry L. 'Jerl' 1/4/2006YCRTEXT
McNeil, Genevieve Johnson 12/19/1968Danville LibraryIMAGE
McNulty, Alice 7/20/2005YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Mcnulty, Alice M. 7/20/2005YCRTEXT
McNulty, Alice M. Worrell 7/20/2005Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mcnutt, Eula Lorene 3/24/2010YCRTEXT
McNutt, Eula Lorene Rudd 3/24/2010YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Mcnutt, Robert L., Sr. 10/20/2010YCRTEXT
McRae, Donald Lee 1/30/1980Danville LibraryIMAGE
McRae, Edward Cade 2/25/1971Danville LibraryIMAGE
McReynolds, Bobby Charles 02/11/2012YCRTEXT
McReynolds, Edmond E. 12/21/1977Danville LibraryIMAGE
McReynolds, James David 11/19/1980Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mcreynolds, James David 1980Patron's ObitsTEXT
McReynolds, John 3/4/1971Danville LibraryIMAGE
McReynolds, Lillie Davidson 9/9/1976Danville LibraryIMAGE
McReynolds, Mary 6/21/2000YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
McReynolds, Mary Josie Irene Whitecotton 6/21/2000Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mcreynolds, Mary Josie Irene Whitecotton 6/21/2000YCRTEXT
McReynolds, Myrtle Knight 7/27/1983Danville LibraryIMAGE
McTigrit, Bulah Estel James 12/6/1995Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mctigritt, Jennie Gilpin (50 Years Ago) 3/23/1952Patron's ObitsTEXT
McTigritt, Lee Roy 12/16/1992Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mctigritt, Lee Roy 12/16/1992Patron's ObitsTEXT
Mctigritt, Marlow 3/27/1952YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
McVay, Joy Marie Coffey 10/27/2004Danville LibraryIMAGE
McVay, Louise Crow 5/11/1982Danville LibraryIMAGE
McVay, Patsy (Gillespie) 05/22/2014YCRTEXT
McVey, Giles Jackson 2/3/2010YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Mcvey, Giles Jackson 2/3/2010YCRTEXT
McVey, Joy 10/27/2004YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Mcvey, Toy Marie 10/27/2004YCRTEXT
McWayne, Mike 6/12/1969Danville LibraryIMAGE
McWilliams, Minnie A. Page 11/20/1975Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mead, Charles 8/7/2002YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Mead, Charles F. 8/4/2002Danville LibraryIMAGE
Mead, Charles F. 8/7/2002YCRTEXT
Meadors, Blake L, 11/13/1952YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Meadors, Georgia (Mrs.) 03/28/1941YCRTEXT
Meadors, Luther Everett 3/16/1977Danville LibraryIMAGE
Meadors, Mcfayette 9/11/1947YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT

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