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Thacker, Jeroma "Jerry" Shamblin     --     Thomas, Herman Berry

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NameObit Date Collection Type
Thacker, Jeroma 'Jerry' Shamblin 2/12/2003Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thacker, Jeroma 'Jerry' Shamblin 2/12/2003YCRTEXT
Thacker, Jimmy David 7/10/1988Patron's ObitsTEXT
Thacker, Jimmy David 7/20/1988Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thacker, Judy (Coffman) 6/9/1999YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thacker, Judy Coffman 6/9/1999Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thacker, Judy Coffman 6/9/1999YCRTEXT
Thacker, Maggie (Pruitt) (Mrs.) 01/--/1962YCRTEXT
Thacker, Malachi T. 12/30/1929Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thacker, Oscar Columbus 4/7/1955YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Thacker, Wallace Griffin 07/5/2014YCRTEXT
Thacker, Wilma L. (Bice) 01/4/2012PatronTEXT
Thacker, Wilma L. (Bice) 01/4/2012YCRTEXT
Thao, Thao 3/25/1998YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thao, Thao 3/25/1998Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thao, Thao 3/25/1998YCRTEXT
Tharp, Alva Cecil 6/17/1981Danville LibraryIMAGE
Tharp, Billy Joe 11/20/1952Danville LibraryIMAGE
Tharp, Gerald 3/16/2005YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Tharp, Gerald Wayne 3/16/2005Danville LibraryIMAGE
Tharp, Gerald Wayne 3/16/2005YCRTEXT
Tharp, Harold Wayne 05/25/2015YCRTEXT
Tharp, Hobart Clarence 11/27/1991Danville LibraryIMAGE
Tharp, Inez Mitchell 12/14/1994Danville LibraryIMAGE
Tharp, Josephine Carr 11/27/1991Danville LibraryIMAGE
Tharp, Lonnie Lee 1985Patron's ObitsTEXT
Tharp, Lonnie Lee 3/13/1985Danville LibraryIMAGE
Tharp, Lovenia 3/4/1954YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Tharp, Mattie (Coffey) (Mrs.) 04/--/1965YCRTEXT
Thau, Gayle (Sadler) 6/7/2006YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thau, Gayle Sadler 6/7/2006Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thau, Gayle Sadler 6/7/2006YCRTEXT
Thaxton, Annie Elizabeth (Cox) (Mrs.) 05/7/1965YCRTEXT
Thaxton, Elton 5/14/1997YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thaxton, Elton E. 5/14/1997Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thaxton, Frank 3/17/1999YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thaxton, Frank L. 3/17/1999Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thaxton, Frank L. 3/17/1999YCRTEXT
Thaxton, John Wooten 2/15/1945Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thaxton, Johnny 9/7/2005YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thaxton, Johnny Paul 9/3/2005Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thaxton, Johnny Paul 9/7/2005YCRTEXT
Thaxton, L. S. 3/31/1938Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thaxton, Mariion Pearl Farrington 10/6/1993Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thaxton, Modean 11/22/2006YCRTEXT
Thaxton, Modean (Croy) 11/22/2006YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thaxton, Modean Croy 11/22/2006Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thaxton, Mr. Elton E. 5/14/1997YCRTEXT
Thayer, Barbara Ann (Rochelle) 01/--/2015YCRTEXT
Thayer, Lorraine 7/3/2002YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thayer, Lorraine Douglas 7/3/2002Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thayer, Lorraine Douglas 7/3/2002YCRTEXT
Theman, Lavada Mae 'Vicki' 1/2/2002YCRTEXT
Theman, Lavada Mae 'Vicki' Cothran 1/2/2002Danville LibraryIMAGE
Theman, Mary Jean (Ballinger) 12/30/2010YCRTEXT
Theman, Vicki 1/2/2002YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thieme, Phillip Sean 08/4/2011YCRTEXT
Thomas, Alice Ruth 3/31/2010YCRTEXT
Thomas, Alice Ruth Pound 3/31/2010YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thomas, Anita W. 1986Patron's ObitsTEXT
Thomas, Basil 4/4/2001YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thomas, Basil Clayton 4/4/2001Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Basil Clayton 4/4/2001YCRTEXT
Thomas, Bertha 3/28/2001YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thomas, Bertha L. 3/28/2001YCRTEXT
Thomas, Bertha L. Melton 3/28/2001Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Billy 4/27/2005YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thomas, Billy P. 4/27/2005Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Billy P. 4/27/2005YCRTEXT
Thomas, Bobby 'Tater' 5/30/1990Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Charlie Olen 3/23/1972Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Charlotte Tietgen 5/9/1968Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Corabelle 2/13/2002YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thomas, Corabelle 2/13/2002YCRTEXT
Thomas, Corabelle Peddy 2/13/2002Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Corbett Lester 4/4/1984Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Cordelia 2/9/1956YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Thomas, Daniel 2/27/2002YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thomas, Daniel 2/27/2002Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Daniel 2/27/2002Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Daniel 2/27/2002YCRTEXT
Thomas, Darrell Alan 09/11/2016YCRTEXT
Thomas, Effie (Willard) (Mrs.) 07/8/1974YCRTEXT
Thomas, Effie Willard 7/18/1974Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Elizabeth 12/22/2004YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thomas, Elizabeth 'Betty' 12/22/2004YCRTEXT
Thomas, Elizabeth 'Betty' Buse 12/22/2004Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Emmett Franklin 09/4/2011YCRTEXT
Thomas, Eula 11/29/2000YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thomas, Eula Mae 11/29/2000YCRTEXT
Thomas, Eula Mae Matthews 11/29/2000Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Everett LeRoy, Jr. 07/26/2011YCRTEXT
Thomas, Floy (Griffin) 6/23/1999YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Thomas, Floy V. 6/23/1999YCRTEXT
Thomas, Floy V. Griffin 6/3/1999Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, Gladys Mae Howard 7/3/1979Danville LibraryIMAGE
Thomas, H. H. 8/16/1951YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Thomas, H. R. 12/--/1966YCRTEXT
Thomas, Herman Berry 12/--/1965YCRTEXT
Thomas, Herman Berry 12/--/1965YCRTEXT

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