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NameObit Date Collection Type
Kerns, Gwen (Garrigus) 8/2/2006YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kerns, Gwen Garrigus 8/2/2006Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kerr, Hazel Lee 1/12/1994Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kerr, Jack 2/10/1999YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kerr, Jack Grant 2/10/1999Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kerr, Jack Grant 2/10/1999YCRTEXT
Kersh, Kenneth G. (Dr.) 03/23/2011YCRTEXT
Kershner, James 6/30/1999YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kershner, James Ryan 6/30/1999Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kershner, James Ryan 6/30/1999YCRTEXT
Kester, Etta Dexter 1/28/1937Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kester, Lee Frank 10/26/1977Danville LibraryIMAGE
Ketcherside, Steven Edward 03/18/2014YCRTEXT
Ketcherside, Steven Edward 03/18/2014PatronTEXT
Key, Eugene Brearley 4/13/1916Danville LibraryIMAGE
Key, S. S. 11/19/1936Danville LibraryIMAGE
Key, S. S. (Mrs.) 3/4/1937Danville LibraryIMAGE
Keyes, Robert 2/11/1960YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Keys, Bertha (Murray) 04/4/2012YCRTEXT
Keys, Clarence P. 4/5/1998Danville LibraryIMAGE
Keys, Clarice Bly 5/31/1995Danville LibraryIMAGE
Keys, Dorcas Sina (Mrs.) 02/11/1941YCRTEXT
Keys, Eunice Stewart 11/28/1974Danville LibraryIMAGE
Keys, George Bradford 2/27/2008YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Keys, George Bradford 2/27/2008YCRTEXT
Keys, Glenda Gay (McGlothin) 01/3/2014YCRTEXT
Keys, Glenda Gay (McGlothin) 01/3/2014PatronTEXT
Keys, James Bradford 11/10/1955Danville LibraryIMAGE
Keys, Richard 6/8/1972Danville LibraryIMAGE
Khamvongsa, Daoreuang 1/8/1997YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Khamvongsa, Daoreuang R. 1/8/1997Danville LibraryIMAGE
Khamvongsa, Daoreuang R. 1/8/1997YCRTEXT
Khilling, Carl Gene 11/6/2010YCRTEXT
Kidder, Alta 'Dean' 12/22/2004YCRTEXT
Kidder, Alta 'Dean' Polk 12/22/2004Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kidder, Dean 12/22/2004YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kidder, Lomenzo 11/12/1966YCRTEXT
Kidder, Robert 3/19/1997YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kidder, Robert W. 3/19/1997YCRTEXT
Kierre, Johnie Joseph 11/14/2007YCRTEXT
Kierre, Johnie Joseph Jr. 11/14/2007Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kierre, Johnie, Jr. 11/14/2007YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kies, Caroline 7/31/2002YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kies, Caroline Jean 7/31/2002Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kies, Caroline Jean 7/31/2002YCRTEXT
Kifer, Lorene Sullivant 5/9/1990Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kifer, Lorene Sullivant 5/9/1990Patron's ObitsTEXT
Kifer, Shirely 8/3/1979Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kiker, Luther (Mrs.) 11/12/1931Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kiker, Vada Ward 12/4/1975Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kiker, Vada Ward 12/4/1975Patron's ObitsTEXT
Kilburn, Margaret (Howel) 05/25/1939YCRTEXT
Kilby, Jayne Earle 4/22/2008Patron's ObitsTEXT
Kilby, Jayne Earle (Montgomery) 5/28/2008YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kilby, Jayne Earle (Montgomery) 5/28/2008YCRTEXT
Kilby, Vernon Wallace 11/23/1994Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kilby, Vernon Wallace 11/23/1994Danville LibTEXT
Kilgore, Bruce Lynn 8/16/1995Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kilgore, Bruce Lynn 8/16/1995Patron's ObitsTEXT
Kilgore, Edison L. 3/16/1983Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kilgore, Edison L. 3/16/1983Danville LibTEXT
Kilgore, Lillian 10/8/2003YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kilgore, Lillian Catherine 10/8/2003Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kilgore, Lillian Catherine 10/8/2003YCRTEXT
Killian, Albert 11/30/1951YCRTEXT
Killion, Mack D. 06/7/1964YCRTEXT
Killmer, Suzan Birtie 5/10/1956YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Killough, Finis B. 3/1/1978Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kilsby, Edith Fern 1/2/1991Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kilvert, Jacqueline 8/29/2007YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kilvert, Jacqueline Rose Gateley Gillie 8/29/2007Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kilvert, Jacqueline Rose Gateley Gillie 8/29/2007YCRTEXT
Kimball, Annie 2/12/1948Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimball, Cora 3/7/1957Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimball, George Hazen 12/28/1944Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimball, Mabel R. Bryant 1986Patron's ObitsTEXT
Kimball, Mabel R. Bryant 1986Patron's ObitsTEXT
Kimball, Mabel Ruth Bryant 7/23/1986Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimball, Myrtle 1/22/1997YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kimball, Myrtle E. 1/22/1997YCRTEXT
Kimball, Myrtle E. Olson 1/22/1997Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimberly, Melba Lee 4/21/1982Patron's ObitsTEXT
Kimbrough, Blanche Eloise 'Lois' (Kitche 01/22/1990YCRTEXT
Kimbrough, Blanche Eloise 'Lois' (Kitche 01/22/1990YCRTEXT
Kimbrough, Hattie Mae 4/30/1959YCR 50 Yrs AgoTEXT
Kimbrough, Hattie Mae (Norwood) 04/--/1959YCRTEXT
Kimbrough, Herman 10/5/1966YCRTEXT
Kimbrough, Irene Sipes 3/22/1978Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimbrough, James 'Kent' 12/22/2015YCRTEXT
Kimbrough, James 'Kent' 12/22/2015YCRTEXT
Kimbrough, Jessie (Kitchens) 9/8/1999YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kimbrough, Jessie Mae 9/8/1999YCRTEXT
Kimbrough, Jessie Mae Kitchens 9/8/1999Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimbrough, John Arvil 08/11/1977YCRTEXT
Kimbrough, John Arvil 8/17/1977Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimbrough, Leo 5/5/1999YCR Obit ImagesIMAGE
Kimbrough, Leo K. 5/5/1999Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimbrough, Leo K. 5/5/1999YCRTEXT
Kimbrough, Lois Kitchens 1/31/1990Danville LibraryIMAGE
Kimbrough, Lorene Pennington 9/20/1956Danville LibraryIMAGE

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