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Note: Chrome, Firefox and 
the new Windows10 Edge Browser

When displaying the obituary newspaper images from our web pages, there is a PDF display problem when using the current versions of Chrome, Firefox and the new Windows10 Edge browsers. Our newspaper images were stored in PDF files and designed to used Adobe Reader when viewing. Note: There is not a problem when displaying an obituary text listing.

The new web browser by Chrome, Firefox and the new Windows 10 Edge contains their own native mode PDF viewers which does not support all the Adobe Reader viewing options resulting in a display problem for our website.  When selecting an obituary newspaper image using one of these browsers, their native mode PDF viewer always display the first page of the PDF file instead of the actual page within the PDF file containing the Obituary image you have selected. In this situation you will have to page down thru the PDF file until you find the specific obituary that you want to view. There are 20 pages per PDF file.

To be able to display a specific page/image in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, you will need to install the Adobe Reader plug-in which is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

For the new Edge browser that comes with Windows 10 in their initial release, I have not been able to find a way to display a specific page directly. But there is a workaround. Windows 10 comes with a version of IE (Internet Explorer) but you cannot get to it directly, at least I have not found a way to directly.  But after you have displayed a webpage with Edge you click on the MORE OPIONS symbol (. . .) in the upper right corner of the Edge screen more options will be displayed. Select the OPEN With Internet Explorer option.  Edge will then bring up IE for this webpage and leave you in IE until you close down the session. At the same time, an IE icon will be displayed on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.   To use IE directly without having to go thru Edge to get to it each time, use the following steps.
1. Bring up IE using Edge as outlined above.
2. When the IE icon is displayed on the Taskbar, right click the IE icon and select the PIN TO TASKBAR option.
3. This will keep the IE icon on the taskbar for use anytime you want to use IE instead of EDGE.

Sorry for the problem you have been experiencing displaying obit images on our website.  Hopefully this will resolve the issue.  Please report any problems you are experiencing to the Webmaster.

How to Configure Firefox to use the Adobe PDF plug-in

How to Configure Chrome to use the Adobe PDF plug-in

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